SQUID Knee Recovery System

The Squid Knee Wrap and Cold Gel Pack are scientifically designed to meet the specific needs of the knee joint. Sequential Cold compression is delivered around and on the patella and knee joint. The wide adjustable straps provide comfort and prevent unwanted compression of nerves and arteries located behind the knee. Available as one size fits most. Wrap fits both knees.

The Cold Gel Pack uses a multi-chambered design allowing for the right amount of gel where you need it.

Squid Knee Wrap Recovery System Includes:

  • Squid Pump
  • Squid Knee Wrap
  • Squid Gel Pack
  • Instruction Manual        $700.00

Also available:

  • Squid Knee Wrap & Gel Pack only   $190.00
SQUID Knee Recovery System
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Price $700.00