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"Tug It!" $14.95

"Tug It!" with bungee handle

The "Tug It!" bungee handle is made with the same nylon/polyester mesh that our Advanced "Tug It!" is made of. A velcro opening at the top of the "Tug It!" allows you to simply fill the "Tug It!" with your dogs favorite food and let the tugging fun begin. Every time your dog tugs on the "Tug It!" he is reinforced for that action by the delivery of this food.

The bungee handle "Tug It!" is available in (2) different handle lengths.

A shorter handle 12" loop. This version is ideal for dogs that prefer to be closer to the handle or if the handler prefers to have the training device less obvious to the dog and surprise the dog with a great game of tug.

A longer handle 20" loop. This version is ideal if the dog prefers to be further away from the handler while playing. For those dogs that are reluctant to come in close to play this is the model to choose.

Make sure to choose handle lenghth for your order!

"Tug It!" short bungee handle $16.95 plus shipping/handling

"Tug It!" long bungee handle $18.95 plus shipping/handling

"Tug It!" with bungee handle
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